Silage Wagons – SIWA

General Information

Just like the multi-purpose loaderwagons, the silage wagons marketed under the name Siwa are known for their soundness and
reliability. The Siwa silagewagons are adjusted on the newest market circumstances.


– Compact and solid construction
All steel body with reinforced galvanised powder painted side panels
and a solid cage construction.
This makes the machine suitable for transporting grass, maize and
other products
– Pefect handling
The unique Schuitemaker pendulum tandem and the compact
construction guarantee perfect handling on the field and on the street
– TWIST-Lock multifunctional chassis
All Siwa silagewagons are standard equipped with the multifunctional
TWIST-Lock chassis.
One chassis for a Siwa silagewagon, tank or muck spreader (Not
available for 10-series)
– Heavy-duty scraper floors
The high quality scraper floors and the steel body ensure the best quality on the market
– Quick
A full loaded Siwa is in less than a minute empty. The perfect machine for the professional user
– Perfect control
With the optional weighing system you get perfect control of your freight
– Mechanical wheeldrive for Siwa
The Siwa can also be delivered with mechanical wheeldrive

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